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From low testosterone to kidney stones and prostate cancer, the urology team at Broward Specialty Group provides personalized care for all types of men’s health issues. They offer the most advanced treatments and procedures for men’s health at three locations in Coconut Creek, Delray Beach, and Pompano Beach, Florida. For the highest-quality care in men’s health, call the nearest office, or book an appointment online today.

Men's Health Q & A

What is men’s health?

Men’s health focuses on medical conditions unique to male biology, including prostate cancer and low testosterone. Men are also more likely to experience health conditions that also affect women, such as heart disease.

What are the common men’s health conditions?

The expert urology team at Broward Specialty Group provides comprehensive care for a wide range of men’s health issues, including:

Low testosterone

Low testosterone, or male hypogonadism, can lead to various physical and psychological symptoms, such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and depression. Low testosterone is treatable with testosterone replacement therapy at Broward Specialty Group.

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer occurs in the testicles, which are responsible for testosterone production. This cancer is a relatively rare and highly treatable form of cancer.

Prostate cancer

One of the most common forms of cancer in men, prostate cancer, can cause bladder control problems and erectile dysfunction. This type of cancer affects the prostate gland, which sits just below the bladder.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem occurring when you can’t get or maintain an erection that’s firm enough for sex. 

Occasional erectile dysfunction usually isn’t cause for concern, but frequent or persistent trouble with getting an erection may indicate an underlying health problem that needs treatment.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones affect men and women, but they’re more common in men. Kidney stones can cause severe pain around your kidneys, which are below the ribs on the backside of your body.

How are men’s health conditions diagnosed and treated?

Your Broward Specialty Group provider reviews your symptoms and medical history and performs a physical exam. They may take various tests, such as blood or urine tests, to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

Then, they create an individualized treatment plan for your specific condition. Treatment for men’s health problems may include:

  • Lifestyle changes like diet and exercise
  • Medications
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation

If your condition is severe, or if treatments aren’t effective, your provider may recommend surgery.

For expert care of men’s health conditions, call Broward Specialty Group, or book an appointment online today.