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ENT Medical Specialists are Balloon Sinuplasty Specialists in Coconut Creek and Pompano Beach, Florida.

Balloon Sinuplasty is used by Otolaryngologists for the treatment of blocked nasal sinuses. It is a preferred minimally invasive treatment procedure because unlike other traditional methods of sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty does not require cutting or removal of some tissues or bones of the body. Balloon Sinuplasty, BSP incorporates the use of a catheter to open up sinus passageways that are blocked and also to enhance drainage of built up mucus in patients suffering from the chronic sinusitis. The primary function of the balloon sinuplasty is to restore the sinus passageway as clinical researchers have shown that BSP makes provision for long-term relief from the symptoms of sinusitis by opening the blocked sinuses.

BSP procedures vary by the duration. On the average, it lasts about 1hour 15minutes. It can be carried out in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia, and patients are free to go back home after the procedure. Typically, the recovery takes about 48 hours. Balloon Sinuplasty is usually indicated in patients with chronic sinusitis whose conditions do not improve after conservative treatment.

The goal of balloon sinuplasty is reviving the sinus draining system by increasing the passageways of the sinus ostia and void spaces around the sinus cavities. A catheter with an endoscope is guided through the nares into the nasal cavity. Once the blocked sinus is seen and confirmed, the balloon catheter is placed into position in the blocked sinus and then inflated. The procedure is successful if after deflating and removing the balloon, the sinus remains open.

Balloon Sinuplasty, BSP has fewer complications because it is minimally invasive than the traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery. This does not out-rightly overwrite the risks associated such as trauma with the tissue and mucus. A slight, congestion-like swelling may be felt after the procedure alongside malaise, fatigue or weakness.

The most severe complications of Balloon Sinuplasty is the intracranial complication in which there is an impact on the connection between the nose and brain during the procedure of surgery, in which the brain fluid is leaked into the nose. An infection can also develop if the catheter was not properly sterilized.


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