The Importance of Physical Exams for Men

As the world begins to return to normal again, you find yourself trying to catch up on all of those many important details that were temporarily on hold. If recent events have shown us nothing else, it’s that your health should be at the top of your list of priorities, and good health starts with your preventive physical exam.

At Broward Specialty Group, our multidisciplinary team includes health experts who specialize in the unique concerns and challenges that face men.

Here’s a look at why you shouldn’t delay in scheduling your men’s health physical exam.

We’re all human, but…

There are several reasons why we offer specialized men’s health and wellness exams. While women and men share many similarities, there are some physical differences that benefit from gender-specific health care.

First, the primary anatomical difference between men and women is their reproductive systems, which govern their overall health to a surprising degree. For example, the reproductive hormone balance in men favors testosterone, which plays no small roles in men’s:

During your comprehensive physical, we check to make sure that your hormone levels are within normal limits.

Your reproductive organs are also different and susceptible to specific issues, such as prostate disease, testicular cancer, and erectile dysfunction.

General health concerns

Outside of health issues that are tied back to your reproductive system, it’s important to note certain health problems are more common in men, such as:

We understand these risks and pay close attention to these areas of your health.

What to expect during your physical exam

Your annual exam provides us with a great opportunity to monitor your health from year to year, allowing us to spot any worrisome trends. To accomplish this, we record your vital statistics, such as blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. 

We will likely draw some blood and perform a urinalysis, which provide us with critical clues as to your overall health. If we see any significant changes in your health parameters, we can help you take swift action to reverse them.

During your exam, we first spend some time reviewing any previous concerns you may have had, and then we discuss your current health. Our bodies change with age, so it’s important that you understand how these changes affect your body.

We also discuss any lifestyle changes that may benefit your health, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or exercising.

Finally, we perform a physical exam, during which we check your:

The bottom line is that your regular physical exam with us is one of the most effective tools in your preventive health care arsenal.

To schedule your physical exam with us today, contact one of our three offices in Coconut Creek, Delray Beach, and Pompano Beach, Florida.

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