Feel Sensational. Feel Closer.
Feel Confident with Geneveve™

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Feel Sensational. Feel Closer.
Feel Confident with Geneveve™

Do you suffer from stress urinary incontinence (leaking when laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising), urge incontinence (strong desire to urinate but can’t get to the bathroom in time), discomfort or pain during sex due to lack of lubrication or laxity (looseness) Ghostwriter in Berlin schon gesucht Ghostwriter agentur of the vaginal wall?

These medical conditions are more common than you think and may be a result of aging, vaginal childbirth or other natural causes. But now there is a comfortable, clinically-proven safe and effective treatment! Geneveve™ regenerates healthy, new collagen and a renewed feeling of vaginal fitness.

What Is Geneveve?

Geneveve is a clinically-proven, single-session treatment that safely revitalizes vaginal tissue improving urinary control, vaginal lubrication and sexual sensation. Geneveve treatment takes just 30 minutes and does not require local or topical anesthesia or analgesics.

What are the Benefits of the Geneveve Treatment?

90% of the women who had Geneveve in clinical studies reported significant, sustained tightening, improved sensation and sexual satisfaction through 12-month follow-up.

How Is Geneveve Different From Other Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments?

Geneveve is the ONLY single-session solution and is the only treatment in the category to cool and protect surface tissue while deeply heating the tissue below, which promotes gradual collagen renewal. Because tissue is not damaged during the treatment, there is little to no downtime involved. You can return to normal activities immediately. Side effects that may occur include mild swelling, or a tingling sensation after treatment, which should resolve quickly.

Are You Ready to Feel Sensational?

If you are located in the South Florida area and are interested in learning more about how Geneveve can restore vaginal fitness and comfort, contact Dr. Gupta at My Broward MD today. We are proud offer this breakthrough treatment that can produce long-lasting results benefiting women’s health and well-being.

A Special Offer for You

For a limited time, we are offering complimentary consultations for Geneveve™ and $500 off. To find out more, please fill out the form below.

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